Program Highlights

Humanitas Global team members bring a depth of experience in effecting change in communities worldwide. We have expertise in key practice areas, including: children and youth, economic development, environment, food and nutrition security, gender equality, infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and reproductive health. The initiatives featured here are a small sampling of the first-hand career achievements of our team and contribute to the unique insights that are brought to bear to serve the organizations we support.

Program highlights include:


  • Implemented a baseline survey and supporting the development of a three-year economic empowerment program targeting 3,500 high school-aged girls in Nepal.
  • Conducted a global scoping on the role and opportunities for electronic cash transfers for development in collaboration with Visa and FleishmanHillard.
  • Conducted stakeholder scoping on perceptions of the social development impacts of microfinance in rural and semi-urban India.
  • Developed tools and reports on industrial policy and governance to support industrial development efforts of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Rwanda.


  • Co-directed and implementing an unprecedented global nutrition research initiative with the World Health Organization and the New York Academy of Sciences.  We launched a public-private partnership and established a global nutrition science research agenda that will guide researchers, the private sector, donors and program managers on nutrition science gaps that we collectively need to fill.
  • Designed and implemented feasibility assessments and stakeholder engagement plans to evaluate the potential to scale a double fortified salt in collaboration with the Micronutrient Initiative.
  • Co-directing and co-implementing with the Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition, governments of Guatemala and El Salvador and civil society organizations comprehensive complementary feeding and maternal nutrition programs for potential scale and national nutrition protocol adjustments.
  • Developed a fortification advocacy strategy for priority countries and evaluated fortification policy landscapes in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Co-developed and chairing the Community for Zero Hunger, to respond to the UN Secretary-General's Zero Hunger Challenge.  Program involves local-level assessments of context-specific food and nutrition security gaps, a mapping of multi-sectoral assets and experiences that could fill gaps, and activation of new collaborations to tackle context-specific challenges. 
  • Conducted a global scoping of high-level nutrition leaders for HarvestPlus on their knowledge, perceptions, opportunities and challenges of scaling biofortification as a nutrition intervention. The scoping will inform HarvestPlus’ partnership and programmatic strategy.


  • Launched a global advocacy initiative to secure visibility, stakeholder engagement, public-private sector participation and funding to support the Yasuní-ITT, an unprecedented climate change and environmental protection initiative launched by the Government of Ecuador.


  • Supported Kiwanis International's efforts to secure USD$110 million by 2015 and mobilize communities to support the elimination of MNT worldwide.  In addition, developed roadmaps for community engagement and activation of advocacy efforts to support The Eliminate Project.
  • Developed national HIV/AIDS care and treatment initiatives for key countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Launched an innovative digital, mobile marketing and social network initiatives to prevent unintended teen pregnancies.
  • Launched sexually-transmitted infection awareness, testing and treatment programs for US health departments.
  • Helped prevent new HIV/AIDS cases in multicultural communities in the U.S. through faith-based initiatives, student-group advocacy and on-site HIV rapid testing and counseling.
  • Conducted a global assessment of research, programmatic and policy gaps and needs addressing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Provided a detailed opportunities assessment to address the unique challenges and needs in Low and Middle Income Countries in collaboration with the New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Conducted feasibility research to roll-out new village-based birthing homes and promote maternal and child health in Haiti in collaboration with Maison de Naissance.


  • Conducted field research in Sri Lanka consisting of in-depth interviews with key multisectoral actors to analyze women’s participation in local government and the roles of brokers in post-war eastern Sri Lanka.
  • Conducted a stakeholder analysis designed to gain greater insight into the current scope of play and gain insights into the outlook for activities around a child’s right to play.