About Us

We are a team of committed global citizens who design informed, integrated and sustainable initiatives that drive health, social and economic progress in underserved communities worldwide.

Our experience shows that given the right tools, knowledge and resources, those who appear to be voiceless and powerless are actually the most dynamic driving force behind sustained change and a better tomorrow.

Our Approach »

We believe that development deserves a fresh, bold and cohesive approach that breaks down silos and promotes integration. We are committed to actively engaging beneficiary communities as we design development initiatives. We account for dynamics across sectors and spheres of influence that have great impact on the outcomes of a given initiative.

Our Team »

We are bold, innovative and unconventional. We are experienced strategic consultants, development practitioners, policy advocates and community engagement experts. We bring the best insights and learnings from the public and private sectors to help organizations improve conditions of individuals, families and communities worldwide.

Our Partnerships »

Because we only take on assignments in which we personally believe, we enter our engagements with a strategic and sharp focus on the outcomes and impact of our work. We view our engagements as long-term partnerships, and, through this level of personal and professional commitment we strive to make the world a place where people are healthy, are productive and can thrive.

Our team members have developed and directed initiatives for The World Bank, The Clinton Foundation, The Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition, UNICEF, New York Academy of Sciences, World Health Organization, USAID, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, The EastWest Institute, United Nations Development Programme, Women's Campaign International, Center for Monitoring Election Violence, Microfinance International Corporation, International Rescue Committee, government health agencies, foundations and corporations, among others.