Humanitas Global Development Blog: The mission of the Global Development blog is to provide a unique space for international development practitioners to share their perspectives and ideas on a number of current events and issues that affect communities globally. Many of the topics covered on the blog include: women and gender issues, financial inclusion and economic development, infectious diseases and vaccines, family planning and reproductive health, child’s rights, environmental issues, non-communicable diseases – and more. 

Hunger-Undernutrition Blog: The mission of the Hunger and Undernutrition blog is to promote discussions around insights, approaches, and opportunities to ensure access to high-quality food for all.  We do this by featuring guest bloggers and organizations, to add to the discussion around hunger and under-nutrition. We cover hunger and malnutrition topics as they relate to food, agriculture, public health, and nutrition. The Hunger and Undernutrition blog is a hub for thoughtful discussions around these themes.

The Hunger & Undernutrition blog was cited by former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton as a resource for information on issues of hunger and listed as one of the leading blogs on malnutrition by Lawrence Haddad, Director of the Institute for Development Studies, Sussex.

Interested in contributing? Both the Humanitas Global Development Blog and the Hunger-Undernutrition Blog feature guest bloggers and organizations from the international development arena -across sectors. We do this to ensure that voices from all spheres of development are heard, and we'd love to include yours!

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