Why Humanitas Global Development

We look at interventions through a community-centered lens of scale and sustainability and re-shape the way development should work. Our guiding philosophy is that development should quickly move away from outsider-driven, unsustainable models, and be defined by insider-owned success stories.

The development paradigm must shift from being tactic- and tool-oriented to being scale- and sustainability-oriented. One simple example: sending food to a community is not the same as helping communities build a sustainable and accessible food infrastructure that engages beneficiaries and stakeholders early on.

Today's development leaders must yield programs that have been successfully scaled up. And with that end in mind, we believe that initiatives must always account for:

  • Community-based insights and ownership
  • Seamless and strategic integration of public and private sector players
  • Measurement and evaluation tools throughout the life cycle of the work
  • Policy advocacy at national, regional and international levels
  • Stakeholder support for in-community and in-country participants
  • Champion-networks to create communities who will "own" the issue

Why Now?

So, why us and why now? Organizations partnering with Humanitas Global Development collaborate with a seasoned team that has first-hand experience re-shaping the paradigm of how communities thrive and succeed. We take best practices from decades of social, economic and health interventions, infuse programs with fresh and innovative implementation methods, and secure community ownership for long-term program success.

Reach out to us and let's have a conversation about what we can do together and with the communities of the world.

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